Birth From The Inside

5 Week Online Birth Preparation 

For mothers and pregnant people preparing for their baby's birth by embracing empowered decision making and intuitive awareness, while building strength and trust in their bodies with yoga.  

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Everything you need to know about birth and parenting is inside of you. Your body was designed perfectly to grow and nurture a healthy baby while maintaining your own well-being.  


The perinatal period is a natural journey of transformation that changes who you are.  

The problem is, you aren't always able to tune in to your innate wisdom and trust your body because of external distractions.


I'm glad you're here. I am honoured to help you on your path.  

Does this Sound Like You? 

Birth and the postpartum are more challenging now more than ever, as hospital protocols during the pandemic have changed, leaving you to wonder who will be able to support you before, during and after birth. 

You know in your heart that your body and baby were made for giving birth, but you've seen portrayals of birth in the media or heard horror stories from friends and family that are contrary to this knowledge.




Maybe your first birth did not go as you had hoped it would and you are looking for a different experience this time around that maintains your self dignity and acknowledges any underlying concerns or worries. You know that your body knows how to birth but you need some confidence boosting. 

You've experienced miscarriage, infertility or stillbirth previously and you are concerned about this pregnancy and birth, finding it difficult to relax into the process. 

You are uncertain of what choices are available to you during your birth or what to expect from a healthy pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience because you have never done this before!

You have found yoga to be beneficial for your body and mind during and before pregnancy and you are looking for ways to integrate the benefits throughout your birthing journey.  

You want to make decisions about your health and baby's health from an empowered and confident position.



You want to avoid postpartum mental health spectrum disorders and would prefer a natural physiological birth if possible.  


Most new parents and birthing people feel some form of uncertainty regarding their impending births and postnatal period because every pregnancy, birth, baby and person is different. Having a community to share your experience with while you are guided on the journey with Colleen will help ease you through the transition to parenthood.  

Regardless of how many babies you've had, there is always something new to learn and grow from with each pregnancy and baby because each journey to parenthood is unique. New concerns present because your circumstances have changed. 

Throughout the program, Colleen will help you identify, name, and change any internal dialogue that is preventing you from resting into your power as a birthing person and become confident in your ability to bring forth new life. 

If you identify with any of these experiences, this program is for you. 


Introducing Birth From The Inside...

A 5-week immersion and online community for pregnant people and their growing families. 

Birth From The Inside gets you BABY READY! The program offers insights about the natural birthing process, what choices you have available to you and how to advocate for yourself, all while preparing for birth, baby, and the postnatal time with yoga postures, meditation and breath work. Colleen provides evidence based information and insights regarding common birthing practices, infant care and feeding, postpartum health, and how to gently reintroduce normalcy into your new life with baby. 

Birth has the power to influence your life permanently- positively or negatively- and trusting in your body's and baby's wisdom will ensure you are confident regardless of what your journey brings. 


Learn about the different options available to you as you prepare to welcome baby and some of the benefits and risks of these decisions.  


Get confident about caring for your new child and learn what normal infant behaviour to expect. 

Infant Feeding

Decide which feeding options are best for your family and where to get support when things don't go as expected. 

Body Wisdom

Prepare for the multitude of changes to come to your body with pregnancy, birth and the postpartum and how to sustain your health while embracing recovery. 


Embracing mindfulness techniques that help you cope with the massive physical, mental, emotional and social changes that come throughout the journey. 


Discover new ways of communicating with your partner and care provider about your experiences as you journey forward together.

Calm Sea

About Colleen


Hi, I'm Colleen Stadlwieser (she/her). I am a birth keeper, truth seeker and yoga guide. My mission is to help you, as the mother/ parent, navigate the uncertainty of pregnancy, birth and postpartum by integrating yoga, reflection and affirmation so that you discover your innate wisdom and become the mother/ parent you are meant to be. 

Birth keeping has been in my blood for over 20 years and the journey has not always been straight forward for me... I'm a mother of eight children: 1 adopted, 2 biological living children, one failed adoption, and 4 biological angel babies. I experienced four miscarriages and thirteen years of unexplained infertility on my path to becoming a mother and know the worries that come with this journey very well.


My birth keeping began when I trained as a doula with DONA International and I've continued to grow my knowledge about birth since. I am drawn to birth and the wisdom that it holds for all who bear witness to it. 


Becoming a Prenatal Yoga instructor has gifted me the opportunity to weave birth keeping and yoga together to create Birth From The Inside for you and your growing family. I'm glad you are here and look forward to connecting with you on your journey. It would be an honour to walk alongside you on your path. 

This Course Is For You If...

*You want to speak your truth and be heard during your birth! 

*You want to make informed choices about your birth and postnatal time! 

*You want to learn tools for body, mind and soul that you can implement before, during and after birth! 

*You want to learn communication skills for communicating with your partner and care provider!

*You want to reduce your risk of medical complications by gaining prenatal education! 

*You want information about normal infant feeding and childcare! 

What you get.

* Weekly prenatal yoga classes

*Weekly meditations or breath work classes

*Weekly positive birth mantras to help change any negative dialogue running through your mind 

*Weekly group meetings to share your learnings and insights in community

*Weekly comfort measures to practice at home with your partner

*Weekly reflections 

*Modules cover Common Concerns, Choices, Baby care and feeding, Postnatal health, Communication and Relationships. 

*Reliable online resources for you to reference as needed when questions arise in the postnatal time.



How long will I have access to the materials? 

There are 5 weeks of content and you will have access to it for two months. 

Do I still need to have a medical care provider if I attend this course?

Absolutely! This course does not replace any medical care required by you throughout your pregnancy and birth and if you have any specific health questions, you need to direct these to your health care provider. 

Does this course replace other prenatal classes? 

Prenatal education is not mandatory but is recommended as it can improve your birth outcomes. Any prenatal education will not cover every scenario possible in birth, so you may want to take another course with a completely different focus. However, many common medical complications, questions and practices will be discussed throughout the course.  

I'm delivering in a hospital, will this course provide information specific to having a hospital birth? 

Birth From The Inside content covers standard medical procedures for birth in Canadian hospitals, the benefits and the risks. If you are planning a hospital birth, your medical care provider may recommend taking a hospital-based class. While, these are great for letting you know what medical procedures will happen during birth, they will not provide you with adequate alternative comfort measures, breastfeeding or chest feeding information, or yoga techniques from remaining calm and centred. 

What if I have a midwife and I'm planning a home birth? 

Birth is unpredictable and the very best intentions of having a home birth occasionally don't work out. Birth From The Inside  prepares you for a home birth as well as a possible hospital transfer. 

Does my partner need to be present during classes also? 

While it is not mandatory that your partner attend every class, it is beneficial to you to have additional support and for your partner to learn and practice the comfort techniques discussed in class. Prenatal yoga classes will be geared towards pregnant bodies. 

Can I share the content in the course with my pregnant friend?

No. You have signed up for this course and you are only able to review the material with your partner and anyone else who will be present for your birth. As such, you have exclusive rights to access the material included. Any outside sharing is considered to be in breech of the service agreement you will need to sign as part of our contract.