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Secrets to Pregnancy and Postnatal Recovery

Whether you have welcomed your little one already or are in the process of growing a small human, your body has obviously grown and changed from what it was previously. Isn't it amazing how your body can accommodate a whole new person and everything they need to thrive in this world without outside assistance?

I know, pregnancy birth and the fourth trimester can change your body and mind drastically throughout the process of nurturing and growing life.

I loved how my body grew with my baby in pregnancy. I loved how I could continue feeding my baby's milk after they were born and help them learn to regulate their breathing and body temperature as I held them skin-to-skin. In spite of all of the amazing things that my body did for my babies, my body always took a lot of effort to recover.

So how do you recover from pregnancy, birth and the fourth trimester? Support, nutrition and patience was my ideal model for recovery.

Support from friends and relatives who brought me food, did light household chores, and took care of baby so I could take care of myself. Eating nutritious foods that supported my recovery and baby's needs was also very important for me to regain my strength and body's balance. Patience, because usually my body wasn't ready to do what I wanted it to do right away.

For me, yoga helped so much with prenatal and postnatal health, but I needed to be patient with my abilities.

In pregnancy, I used yoga to help maintain my fitness level because birth, particularly the first time around, can require the same amount of energy and time as a marathon. I felt strong and was able to have a properly positioned baby because of the yoga movements I used throughout my first pregnancy. Patience was required to acknowledge my new limitations though to prevent future injury.

Postnatally, I used yoga to recuperate. I didn't start a regular yoga routine until I was 4 months postpartum, simply because, for me, having kids in my late 30's and early 40's took more recuperation time. Patience was necessary again. But yoga did help me recuperate from a mild case of diastasis recti, some urinary incontinence and a third degree pelvic organ prolapse.

Of course, I had a care team to support me as well, but because I had a yoga practice, my recovery time was shorter and I didn't require surgery. Plus, the exercises I got from my pelvic floor physiotherapist were easier because my body had been doing yoga.

I know yoga can help you with your pregnancy and post-birth recovery as well! I would love to share the wisdom I have gained from my own experiences with you.

I will be offering prenatal yoga classes out of Chacra Wellness in Leduc on Tuesday evenings this fall. Mom and baby or postnatal classes will be held at the same location on Wednesday mornings. These are ongoing classes but need a minimum of 5 people to register in order to fill them.

Have you heard about Renewed Resilience? It is a local business that focuses on mental health, wellness and connection in Leduc. I am excited to be working out of their space and offering programs and workshops at their location. Most of these programs and workshops will be with a focus on womxn's health including pregnancy, birth, postpartum and pelvic health.

For more information about all of my programs, classes and offerings you can check out my Facebook page or website for dates, times and details.

Until we meet...

Love Your Baby. Love Your Body. Love Your Self.

Much Love;


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