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How to have a fulfilling yoga practice- Online

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Having an online yoga practise is an opportunity for you to take time for yourself to tune in to your physical body and your emotional self. While there are many benefits and perks of being able to practise from a private setting, it is important to set yourself up so that you can have a mindful practice and reap the physical and mental benefits. Here are some suggestions for how to ensure that you have a successful practice.

1. Set up your space ahead of time with your yoga mat and a spot that has ample room about it for you to move around. If a wall is to be incorporated in the class make sure you have adequate wall space available to use, at least the length of your mat with nothing else on the wall. Ensure that any yoga props you will need are available in your space. For example, have a Yoga strap, bolster, blocks, and blanket available for use. If you do not have traditional yoga props you can improvise by using belts or ties as an alternative to a strap, pillows or cushions as an alternative to a bolster, stacks of books or thick hard covered books as an alternative to blocks, or a large beach towel as an alternative to a foldable Blanket. Ensure that you have water to keep yourself hydrated throughout the class.

2. Arrive on time to class. There is nothing more distracting to other participants and the teacher than when a student arrives late for class. It prevents the teacher from ending class punctually and being able to focus on the needs of the entire class as you are being admitted into the meeting. Whenever possible, arrive 5 minutes early and start in savasana taking the extra time to tune into your breath and body. Really enjoy the time you have dedicated to your practice and set yourself and others up for success.

3. Ensure all distractions are removed from your space. This means distracting pets should be kept in other rooms, electronic devices should be turned off and bathroom breaks should be taken ahead of time. If there are other people in your home with you, ensure that they are able to remain occupied while you take this time to reflect on your inner self. Turn off all texting, calling or messaging settings while participating in your practice.

4. Create ambiance in your space by dimming the lights, lighting candles, using essential oils, or having gentle music to listen to. If you are choosing to use music ensure that only you can hear it and it won’t be shared with the rest of the class as this may interfere with the audio on your device and everyone else’s. Keep dialogue between yourself, the teacher, and other students to a minimum, only asking questions when assistance is needed or preferably at the end of class. If there are multiple people in your class ensure that your microphone is turned off.

5. Tune into your body. Notice any sensations that arise physically or any emotions that are creeping up. If you need to, come back into child’s pose or downward facing dog to relax and reconnect with your breath and body. If there are other people in the class with you, try not to compare yourself to them as each person is in a different phase with their yoga practice and every body is different. Always try to focus on the alignment of your body and discover new ways of relaxing and making the posture easier for yourself. Your movements should be as graceful as you’re able to make them.

6. Savasana is the time for deep relaxation and stillness and is one of the most important elements of a yoga class. The parasympathetic nervous system is activated during savasana after an active yoga practice. Before starting savasana, ensure that you are warm enough and put on extra clothing or blankets as your body temperature will drop once you stop moving through the asana. If you are using props during savasana, ensure that your body is well supported and comfortable. Focus on your breath, keeping your movements to a minimum and closing your eyes. It might be helpful to dim the lights in the room where you are practising during Savasana. Allow your body to reset and enjoy the rest that savasana offers you.

I look forward to seeing you in class. If you are interested in participating in other programs and yoga offerings I have, you can click on this link to see what’s available.

See you in class.



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