Overcome your fears, by changing your internal dialogue. 

Change Your Mindset. Embrace Your Birth.

When you come from a place of strength and confidence within yourself, you can achieve amazing birth outcomes for you and your baby. 



Why is having a positive mindset during birth important? 

Your mindset is essential to your birth because it has the ability to influence how you feel about your baby's birthday.


Birth is one of the most transformational moments in a birth giver's life. How birth happens matters because it has the ability to impact you and your baby for the rest of your lives. Your mental and physical health for your lifetime can be drastically altered positively or negatively because of the way your baby is born and your perspective. 


When babies are born, mothers and parents are also born. Being fearful or anxious about the unknown experience of birth, while natural, is not beneficial to you or your baby.

When you believe birth is a fearful and painful experience instead of a natural transformation, you mentally set yourself up for medical complications because of this expectation. This does not mean that every birth goes poorly because of fear or pain, instead your perspective of your baby's birthday may be tainted because of negative anticipation. Your perspective can impact your mental health in the postnatal period and have lifelong implications.


You and your baby are the two most important people at your birth and you need to be strong and confident to ensure the best possible birthing outcomes for both of you. Leave fear and pain behind and develop a calmer mindset that embraces all of the amazing abilities that your body contains.

How The Birth & Breath Kit Can Help You

*Develop Trust In Your Bodies Ability to Birth 

*Strengthen Your Birthing Confidence 

*Welcome Your Baby Gently and With Love

*Gain Tools To Help You Remain Calm Throughout Birth

*Learn Breath Techniques For Endurance During Birth

*Discover Your Inherent Wisdom About Birth

About Colleen Stadlwieser

Jane Doe

Colleen Stadlwieser is a birth keeper, truth seeker, and yoga guide. She helps pre- and post- birthing people develop confidence by discovering their inherent wisdom and strength through the integration of yoga, mindfulness and reflection so that they can become the mothers or parents they are meant to be.

Colleen is the creator of Birth Inside, an online program designed for mothers and perinatal people who seek an empowering birth experience and freedom from the stigma of birth being fearful and painful.


A certified birth doula, La Leche League leader, 200HR RYT, and 85HR certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Colleen works with new mothers and birthers to build confidence while enhancing trust in their bodies and intuition. She is happiest helping birthing people develop trust in their body's abilities.