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A heart-centered day retreat honouring your body, your baby and yourself through meditation, yoga, birth art, ceremony.

If you want to honour your pregnancy, connect with other pregnant people, celebrate the rite of passage into Motherhood and feel restored and nurtured - this experience is for you.


This day-long retreat will start with meditation and journal reflections on pregnancy and the transition to motherhood. 


You’ll move your body with an hour long session of prenatal yoga before honouring your pregnant body with belly painting and reiki sessions. 


After a nutritious lunch you will explore your connection to baby through birth art and gentle movement.


The day ends with a Mother Blessing ceremony to honour your rite of passage into this new role. 

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Holiday Special

Save $60 until December 23, 2022. 

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Bring a friend with you and save $50 PER TICKET! That's $100 in savings combined.

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The Details...

When is it: February 4, 2023 at 10:00am until 4:30pm

Where is it:  held at Iava Wellness 9343 50 St NW Unit 1, Edmonton, AB

What is it: A full day of Connection, Reflection, Yoga, Reiki, Belly Painting, Birth Art, Fully Catered Lunch, Mother Blessing Ceremony

Who is it for: for pregnant cis-gender women,  non-binary people and anyone else comfortable in a space that centres the experiences of motherhood, parenting and pregnancy

What you'll need to Bring: Comfortable clothing, water bottle, yoga mat, yoga props (if you prefer to use your own), an open mind and heart

Who to Bring: Your pregnant friends- you can get a special discount of 2 tickets for the price of 3 when you register together!

How much is it: $325/ ticket or bring a friend and save $100. 

Meet Your Retreat Guides

Hi, I'm Colleen Stadlwieser (she/her). I am a birth keeper and yoga guide. My mission is to help you navigate the uncertainty of pregnancy, birth, postpartum and all the changes these bring to your body by integrating yoga, reflection and breath so that you discover your innate wisdom and find balance in your body, mind and soul. 

Birth keeping has been in my blood for over 10 years and the journey has not always been straight forward for me... I'm a mother of eight children: 1 adopted, 2 biological living children, one failed adoption, and 4 biological angel babies. Yoga has been a gift that has helped me navigate my less than straight forward path to pregnancy and parenting.


I'm looking forward to helping you discover a  Peaceful Beginning for you and baby! 

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Hi, I'mChantal Eder (she/her), a passionate movement specialist, and Child Birth Educator.


Through yoga, mindfulness, story telling and Birth Art, I help parents-to-be explore their hopes, fears and desires about birth and parenthood.  

I am a mom of two! One wild child who entered the world in the back of an NYC Tax, and one who came earthside in the comforts of home. 

I believe birth education is gathered in three ways: modern knowing (data and evidence based), inner knowing (intuition), and self knowing (personal experiences). Exploring all three can help parents feel more confident and informed about their choices in childbirth. 

Only $325 for a day of yoga and honouring your pregnancy. 

Forest Path

If this Sounds Like
You, Then The Peaceful Beginnings Prenatal Retreat is For You! 

This Retreat is for You If...

-You want to honour your pregnancy

-You want to connect with other pregnant people

-You want to celebrate the rite of passage into Motherhood


-You enjoy yoga and would love to reflect on your pregnancy through birth art, meditation and journaling 


-You want to feel restored and nurtured for a day


-You appreciate the spiritual aspects of pregnancy and birth

Green Plant

"The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never."- Osho


Honour your pregnancy and transition into motherhood with a retreat designed especially for you. Baby showers are a wonderful way to gather together to celebrate a baby on the way. A prenatal retreat is a way to celebrate, honour and be witnessed in your pregnancy and journey into Motherhood.


Baby's deserve celebration and so do YOU. Your pregnancy and transition into Motherhood is a rite of passage that needs to be acknowledged and cherished.


Your journey is unique to you. Take time to celebrate your Self, your Body and your Transformation. 


Spend a restorative day embracing your pregnancy and birth story through yoga, art, and ceremony. 

No upcoming events at the moment
A heart-centered day retreat honouring your body, your baby and you through yoga, birth art, ceremony, and belly painting.
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