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Love Your Body. Love Your Baby. Love Your Self. 

While you wait for registration to open, here's a free gift. 

Newborn Baby with Mom

Birth From The Inside

Most new parents and birthing people feel some form of uncertainty regarding their impending births and postnatal period because every pregnancy, birth, baby and person is different. Having a community to share your experience with while you are guided on the journey will help ease you through the transition to parenthood.  

Regardless of how many babies you've had, there is always something new to learn and grow from with each pregnancy and baby because each journey to parenthood is unique. New concerns present because your circumstances have changed. 

This program will help you identify, name, and change any internal dialogue that is preventing you from resting into your power as a birthing person and become confident in your ability to bring forth new life. 

Birth From The Inside gets you BABY READY! The program offers insights about the natural birthing process, what choices you have available to you and how to advocate for yourself, all while preparing for birth, baby, and the postnatal time with yoga postures, meditation and breath work. Colleen provides evidence based information and insights regarding common birthing practices, infant care and feeding, postpartum health, and how to gently reintroduce normalcy into your new life with baby. 

​Birth has the power to influence your life permanently- positively or negatively- and trusting in your body's and baby's wisdom will ensure you are confident regardless of what your journey brings. 

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