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Breath     For     Life


Calm Your Mind and Rejuvenate Your Body With Breath. 

The story of your life began with your first inhale. Every breath in between will sustain you as your life unfolds. Until your final exhale when your story will end and the universe is left with the essence of who you are.   

Breath is Life. 


Breath is how we connect with the world around us. We are in constant communication with the world as breath enters our bodies to sustain our life and as it leaves our bodies filling the space around us. For thousands of years breath has been used by ancient traditions including Yoga, Ayurvedic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Sufism, and Shamanism because of its known benefits for the body, mind and spirit. More recently, Western medicine has conducted scientific studies that evaluate the benefits of a daily breath practise. What these ancient traditions have known for millennia is that breath can be used to detoxify the body, reduce stress, improve focus, stimulate the nervous system, increase metabolism, increase energy, reduce the effects of depression and anxiety, cool the body, improve focus and rejuvenate lungs suffering from illness or disease. Breath is the source of human life on Earth and it can help improve your health

The Breath For Life Guide Can Help You...

*Learn how to calm your mind with your breath

*Deepen and lengthen your breath

*Increase your lung capacity

*Reduce stress as you follow your breath

*Welcome new energy into your body 

*Increase the oxygenation of your cells

*Discover mind and body awareness

*Build confidence and self worth

About Colleen Stadlwieser

Jane Doe

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Colleen Stadlwieser is a birth keeper, truth seeker, and yoga guide. She helps pre- and post- birthing people develop confidence by discovering their inherent wisdom and strength through the integration of yoga, mindfulness and reflection so that they can become the mothers or parents they are meant to be.

Colleen is the creator of Birth From the Inside, an online program designed for mothers and perinatal people who seek an empowering birth experience and freedom from the stigma of birth being a fearful and painful experience.


A certified birth doula, La Leche League leader, 200HR RYT, and 85HR certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Colleen works with new mothers and birthers to build confidence while enhancing trust in their bodies and intuition. She is happiest helping birthing people discover their inherent wisdom as they prepare to welcome baby. 


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