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Monthly Yoga Connection Pass

Get ready to join a growing online community with in-person and pre-recorded yoga classes. With your Monthly Yoga Connection Pass you'll have access to pre-recorded, in person (when available) and live online yoga classes. Plus, with your membership you'll have access to an accountability buddy and community connection to help deepen your practice. So what are you waiting for? 

What You Get!!!

       I get it, you love yoga but online doesn't always feel good because you're often alone practising. Your Monthly Yoga Connection gives you two options for participating in community during and outside of classes!


The first way you'll be able to connect with others is through live online classes. Live classes are held twice a week on Zoom. With your membership you'll have access to the Zoom link for each class for the entire month. Join others online during live classes held on Zoom, where we checkin with one another and share in conversation about different topics and areas of growth while practising yoga. 

The next way you'll be able to connect with others is by building new friendships and relationships. What does that mean? You'll have an opportunity to work with another student as an accountability buddy. With your accountability buddy you can join live classes together or keep each other up to date on the progress you've made. Plus, you'll be able to hold each other accountable to your weekly yoga goals. Meet new people and deepen your yoga practice.


Sound like fun?


You'll also receive exclusive access to upcoming in person yoga events when available.


Maybe you like the privacy and schedule flexibility that an online membership offers. You can have the best of both worlds, by choosing to connect with others during live classes or by practising in the privacy of your home with recordings. Your pass gives you access to bi-weekly LIVE classes of different styles and lengths. Plus, you will have access to a library of recordings and different styles of classes. Class times range from 30-75 minutes duration and include restorative, flow, meditation and breath work (pranayama).


With your Monthly Yoga Connection Pass it is possible to sustain your practice even when you are in the midst of a lockdown, without activating and reactivating an in studio membership. 

Save time commuting- you are going to love your Monthly Yoga Connection Pass!

Love Your Body. Love Your Self. Love Yoga.   

Does This Sound Like You? 

The pandemic has caused you to spend way more time at home then you ever expected to spend and has limited your ability to maintain your yoga practice because of a lack of in person classes. 

You once had a vibrant yoga practice that you attended with friends or family in a studio and now you are waiting for things to re-open again but feeling uncertain of how to continue your practice while things are shutdown.

You are feeling isolated at home and need to reach out to a greater community to feel connected and yoga is one of your favourite activities for connecting with others. 

Perhaps you don't feel safe joining an in person studio yet and you're looking for new ways to connect with others through yoga. 

Perhaps the demands of being at home have become too much and you are needing a break from your everyday monotony of work, housework, child-rearing, or anything else your day is filled with. 

You find it difficult to join live classes because your schedule has become so cramped with daily activities. 

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone!

Since becoming a yoga teacher in 2019, I have been working to create a community focused on developing connection while integrating yoga. Feeling overwhelmed, isolated, and busy has always been a struggle but since the pandemic these feelings have taken on a new priority for resolution.  

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