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The Intuitive Pelvis

Connect with your Root.

5 Week Embodied Program

An intuitive program for womxn, mothxrs, and birthing, postnatal, and menopausal people who want to take control of their pelvic health and reduce symptoms of incontinence, prolapse, and painful intercourse. 

I want an Intuitive Pelvis!

Your pelvis is a sacred vessel that holds the source of creation and the ability to eliminate everything you absorb that might harm you. The pelvis is the connection point in the body between the lower extremities and all vital organs. It is the origination of who we are, our relationships and where we come from in this world.


Your pelvis was designed to enhance wellness and health in your body and bring forth new life. Yet, the pelvis is frequently the most neglected part of the body and social conditioning can lead you to disconnect with your pelvis and its ailments.


Avoiding certain activities because of Incontinence, Sexual Pain or Prolapse is not a normal state of pelvic health.


Now is the time nourish your pelvic health and embrace all activities in life!


I will be honoured to journey with you on your path to restoring balance within your pelvis. 


* You avoid running, jumping and intense physical activity because you are afraid of fecal or urinary incontinence in public. 

*Sometimes sneezing and coughing can cause incontinence for you.

*You need to rush to the washroom and worry you might not make it on time.

*Sometimes you go to the washroom and immediately need to go again. 

*Some sexual activities are painful and are causing issues in your relationship with your partner.


*Occasionally, you feel heaviness or like something is in your vagina. 

*Upon investigation, you can see something on the inside or protruding from your vagina that wasn't there before. 

*Your partner has told you there is a physical difference about intercourse with you.


*Your healthcare provider has informed you of a concern with your pelvic health. 

*You had a baby recently or a long time ago and things have not been the same since.

*You have had a recent hormone change due to pregnancy or menopause and your pelvic health has suffered. 

*You had a severe tear or injury during birth that required a lot of stitching.

*You've had pelvic surgery and your strength and functionality have been altered.

*You feel like something is not the way it is supposed to be in your pelvis but are unable to have others explore your pelvis on your behalf. 

Does this sound like you?

If this sounds like you , then The Intuitive Pelvis Program was designed for you!

Give me an Intuitive Pelvis!

Your pelvis holds your body in balance and is meant to be nurtured and cared for like every other part.


Many people experience symptoms of pelvic dysfunction particularly during pregnancy, postpartum, peri-menopause, menopause and post pelvic surgery. Yet, most womxn are not able to get the care they need to find relief.


Because pelvic health concerns are not commonly spoken of socially and symptoms are often normalized by many healthcare providers, people suffer without ever receiving proper care. Furthermore, many people disassociate from their own pelvic awareness because of sexual or birth trauma, social norms, insensitive health care, or lack of information. Past sexual and birth trauma can further impede access to care because of the vulnerability associated with this part of the body. 


 Although pelvic health dysfunction is common, it is not normal. You are not meant to suffer with pelvic health dysfunction and you deserve to regain health and balance in your body.


By sharing in a community of people who are experiencing similar symptoms, you will gain insights and wisdom about your own body and experience. Throughout the program, Colleen will help you identify and explore your pelvis while tuning in to your body's needs. The Intuitive Pelvis Program will help you discover techniques that you can incorporate into your life to help support your pelvic health. 


It is possible to reduce symptoms of incontinence, prolapse and sexual pain by taking an embodied approach to your health and pelvic awareness. Refining awareness with your pelvic health can be the beginning of restoring balance to this part of the body.


Discover Your Intuitive Pelvis! 

A 5- week embodied approach to developing pelvic awareness: helping you restore health.

The Intuitive Pelvis is a 5-week program designed to help you tune in to your body's needs while helping you recover from pelvic dysfunction. You will begin to notice what is normal and what is not normal in your body during different times in the month and your life. Incorporating breath, strength, relaxation and yoga will help you bring awareness and health back to this part of your body. Your pelvic health impacts so much of your well-being physically and socially, therefore, it is imperative that you discover daily ways to regain health and balance in your pelvis. Now is the time to restore balance to your pelvis and life and connect with others experiencing similar concerns. 


Simple techniques you can use to help relieve common pelvic health concerns. 


Relationships with sexual partners is highly impacted by pelvic health.  Learn new ways of connecting with your partner as you return to balance in your pelvis. 

Tune In To Your Body's Wisdom

Notice the sensations in your body and how you respond physically, emotionally and socially to the journey towards realignment in  your pelvis. 


Connect with womxn who have pelvic health dysfunction, and suppport each other as you learn new ways of thinking about your pelvis. 


Yoga can be helpful for restoring strength in the pelvis and body while noticing sensations and emotions that arise with each movement. 


Pelvic health is often compounded by birth and sexual trauma. Complimentary therapies can help you restore health in addition to your own self work. 

Hi, I'm Colleen Stadlwieser (she/her). I am a birth keeper, truth seeker and yoga guide. My mission is to help you navigate the uncertainty of pregnancy, birth, postpartum and all the changes these bring to your body by integrating yoga, reflection and breath so that you discover your innate wisdom and find balance in your body, mind and soul. 

Birth keeping has been in my blood for over 20 years and the journey has not always been straight forward for me... I'm a mother of eight children: 1 adopted, 2 biological living children, one failed adoption, and 4 biological angel babies. I experienced four miscarriages and thirteen years of unexplained infertility on my path to becoming a mother and know the worries that come with this journey very well. In spite of my advanced maternal age, my postpartum experiences were far more physically challenging to me than pregnancy ever was.


My classes and offerings focus on serving womxn who are struggling with the emotional, social and physical changes that these transitions bring. My knowledge about the pelvis is based upon my yoga training as well as my own journey back to pelvic balance. Which is what I want to share with you! 


I'm glad you are here and look forward to connecting with you on your journey. I am honoured to guide you on your path back to pelvic health. 

This Course Is For You If...

*You are struggling with incontinence, pain with intercourse, prolapse or you feel disconnected from your pelvis.  


*You are peri-menopausal, post-menopausal, at least 6 weeks postpartum or have had pelvic surgery

*You want to build flexibility and strength in your pelvic region 

*You are hoping to find an alternative to pelvic surgery

*Kegels are not enough to help you recover

*You feel dismissed by your healthcare provider

*You'd like to connect with others who are struggling with the same pelvic health concerns you are

*You feel disconnected from your body since x,y,z... has happened 

*You want to reconnect with your pelvic health

What You Get...

ColleenStadlwieserLOGO_final copy.jpg

*Reflection about your relationship with your pelvis and how your perspective can impact your health and well being

*Specific breath and strengthening techniques that can help with your pelvic health recovery

*Information about local resources and daily practices for self-care 

*Addressing concerns with pelvic health and the impact on your relationship with your intimate partner

*Engaging in movement that reconnects you to your pelvis

*5 weeks of connection with other womxn experiencing pelvic health concerns to learn and grow with

*Learn the basic anatomy of your pelvis

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time is involved with the program? 

90-120 minutes of in class time per week, and another 30 minutes of home practice. 

What if I miss a week? 

If you miss a week, we can make it up one-on-one sometime in the privacy of your home, or I will record the session for you to watch on your own time. 

What if my pelvic health doesn't improve?

My hope is that you would find some relief from your symptoms and become more in tune to the needs of your body by integrating the techniques and information shared in this program.  The techniques shared in the Intuitive Pelvis Program have been helpful in my own recovery and quite often there is an element of trial and error to discover what will be successful in your own recovery. By integrating the reflections and techniques offered throughout the program, you will develop awareness of what works for your body. However, with any program of health, there are no guarantees. Not every technique works in every body the same way and you may require more specialized care than the scope of this program can offer. I provide resources for you to reach out to and further assist you on your path to recovery throughout the program. 

Do I still need to see a pelvic floor physiotherapist or uro-gynechologist if I participate in this program?

The Intuitive Pelvis Program is intended for you to use as a tool on the path towards your recovery. The program is designed for you to pay attention to what specifically works in your body to assist in your recovery. The program cannot replace the care of a physiotherapist or uro-gynechologist. If you are receiving care from another healthcare provider I encourage you to continue that relationship if you are finding the services helpful. Ultimately, you are the person responsible for your health and wellness in your life and know best whether any care provider is benefiting you and whether or not to continue receiving support from them. The decision is completely yours.

How long will I have access to the course materials for?

You will have access to the course content for the entire 5 weeks of the program along with any notes that you make during the course. Any hand-outs provided to you during the program are available to you for your future use, but should not be shared with anyone outside of the course. 


Now is the time to reconnect with your pelvic health and discover relief from incontinence, pain with intercourse, and a reduction in the symptoms of prolapse. 

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