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Love Your Body.     Love Your Baby.     Love Your Self. 

Yoga.                   Birth.                   Breath.

Colleen Stadlwieser

Yoga.   Birth.   Breath.

My name is Colleen Stadlwieser and I am a birth keeper, Reiki practitioner and yoga guide. I help people integrate yoga into their lives so that they can develop greater awareness in their bodies and deeper mindfulness to promote longevity and stress relief. I also help pre- and post-birth people navigating the perinatal time to tune into their inherent wisdom by integrating reflection, mindfulness and yoga in their lives. 

My wish for all of my clients is that they build resilience and confidence.

Love Your Body. Love Your Baby. Love Your Self.

Love Yoga.



Our needs change as we journey through the life cycle and sometimes our physical and mental health aren't prioritized as a result. Yoga helps create space within the body and mind while promoting wellness for all of life's phases. Colleen Stadlwieser provides yoga instruction for beginners, intermediate students as well as pregnant and postnatal students. Hatha, yin, pranyama and meditation are all incorporated into classes. Classes are held in person and online, and are accessible to students from beginner to intermediate. Explore the benefits of yoga while discovering your self.

Love Your Body. Love Your Baby. Love Your Self. Love Yoga.


The beginning of life, is where we so often find there is little support for families and their babies. Navigating pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period can feel overwhelming. Colleen Stadlwieser offers yoga to families as a means of remaining calm and strong while they navigate this new phase in their lives. Colleen offers Prenatal yoga, Couples Yoga and Postnatal yoga for birthing people and those who support them.

Love Your Body. Love Your Baby. Love Your Self. Love Yoga.

Newborn Baby
Parents with Newborn Baby


Our first inhale begins our life outside of the womb and is followed by every breath afterwards until we exhale for the last time. Stilling the mind by following the breath regardless of what life brings helps nurture the body and soul. Colleen Stadlwieser offers meditation and breath work for the many journeys that life brings. Breathe space into your heart, mind and soul. Love Your Body. Love Your Baby. Love Your Self. Love Yoga. 

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Important Covid-19 Update

As mandated by the provincial government of Alberta, For in person group yoga classes, I require students to have their own yoga props for class including a blanket, bolster, yoga blocks, and strap in addition to a yoga mat and water bottle. If you do not have yoga props you can improvise using blankets, towels, housecoat belts/ martial arts belts, stacked books or cans of food, or I can inform you of where to purchase props. I look forward to meeting you on your mat, regardless of your vaccination status, in person or online.

See you in Class


I did prenatal yoga with Colleen and found it extremely helpful to keep my body balanced and stress level low for a healthy pregnancy and birth. Now that I'm a few months postpartum I've signed up again for her private yoga classes. I feel much more calm and grounded after my time with Colleen. She's fun and guides me safely while explaining different things to be mindful of. I have been especially enjoying the breath work she incorporates in her classes. 


Thank you so much for all of the amazing info, Colleen! I love our sessions together and can feel my muscle memory returning. I was even a tad sore yesterday, which I thoroughly enjoyed! A little reminder that those muscles are still there!


Colleen Stadlwieser is amazing and very supportive!!! I took classes with her in person and virtually. 


Colleen Stadlwieser is super amazing and super great at what she does. I highly recommend her.


Testimonials and Client Love
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